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Your not a "Sponsor" You're a Solution Provider

Your not a "Sponsor" You're a Solution Provider

As an overall mission, the CCW team works to sift through this noise.  Analysts regularly evaluate the marketplace to identify solution providers that can drive customer centricity rather than sell products really well.  CCW analyzes legitimate vendors on their capabilities, awareness of real marketplace issues, and ability to establish productive, trustworthy partnerships.

Through its 1-on-1 meetings, the Exchange answers that call. These productive conversations bring executive-level vendor leadership face-to-face with executive-level buyers.  In doing so, they empower buyers to determine whether they trust the company behind the solution. Is this company simply selling us great technology? Or is it going to guide us to a more customer-centric operation?

When a contact center executive can answer those questions in the affirmative, it knows it has found a solution that lives up to the fundamental promise: solving problems.

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