August 12-14, 2018
Chicago, IL

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2017 CCW Executive Exchange Agenda

At the CCW Executive Exchange, we only invite and accept leaders at the highest level to keep discussions at a think tank level and exclusive. The Exchange provides an intimate environment for you to connect with your peers, effectively identify and find technology needs.

See below qualification criteria:

  • My company is Fortune 1000 or a disrupter in our industry
  • I control where the Call Center budget is allocated
  • I sit in the C-suite or report directly to the C-Suite
  • I have an active requirement for business solutions within the next 6-24 months

Download the agenda to see this year's speaker faculty and 5 top challenges we've identified for today's contact center leaders. To receive a copy via email, contact us.

Additional Event Information

Sample List of Past Attending Executives

The Exchange attendees represent the highest level of customer care leaders across multiple industries. Download the sample list and take a look at some of the executives who attended the Contact Center Executive Exchange in the past. If you want to join the club, request your invite today.

Speaker Feature Janet Solomon

CCW Digital interviewed Janet Solomon, Head of Client Contact Center at SunTrust to discuss SunTrust's customer-centric approach to service delivery, how they continue to meet customer expectations and what contact center advancements they are looking toward.

View Past Attending Executives

The Exchange attendees represent the highest level of customer care leaders across multiple industries. Download the sample list and take a look at some of the executives who attended the Contact Center Executive Exchange in the past. If you want to join the club, request your invite today

CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Experience

You care about the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? CCW Digital’s Executive Report on the Customer Experience will answer that question. For the first time ever, we surveyed everyday consumers about what they demand when it comes to the customer experience. We then look at how businesses are approaching the customer experience.  Do they know what customers want?  And even if they do, are they able to actually deliver it?


Questions answered in this report include:

  • How many bad experiences will make a customer switch to a competitor?
  • Will customers really pay more for a good experience?
  • What are customers’ Top 5 demands when interacting with a business?
  • What factors prevent businesses from meeting those demands?
  • What are the most common customer complaints?
  • How well do businesses respond to customer feedback?
  • How do customers really feel about calling for customer service?


CCW Digital Executive Customer Experience Report

We all know the customer experience is important. Less clear? How to actually improve it! Ambiguity and uncertainty cloud our understanding of what the customer experience is, what a great customer experience entails, and how to actually achieve that ideal experience in our businesses. They thwart progress and hurt our ability to maximize customer relationships. With the 2016 Executive Report on the Customer Experience, we hope to change that. Driven by CCIQ’s exclusive market research, commentary from experts, and case studies, we eliminate the ambiguity and provide clear, actionable insight into what customers AND businesses want from the experience. We then provide guidance for actually delivering it!

CCW Executive Performance Report

This may be the age of customer centricity, but business centricity is certainly not out of fashion. Operational efficiency – not customer satisfaction or loyalty – actually ranks as the top performance priority for today’s contact centers. Profit generation is also a pivotal focus. How do you navigate this challenging climate? How do you ensure that your customer-centric initiatives are improving the bottom line, all amid changes in customer expectations, agent demands, and technological capabilities?

CCW Executive Cloud Report

Front-line employees may be the face of the business, but it is technology that enables them to present that face to customers. It is technology that helps them successfully engage. It is in accordance with this importance that we proudly introduce our 2016 Executive Report on Contact Center Technology. Featuring a combination of exclusive market research, in-depth commentary, and insightful case studies, this report reveals how contact center technology is evolving – and must continue to evolve – in this era of customer centricity. More importantly, it will empower you to leverage contact center technology to create a more efficient, more effective, more customer-centric engagement experience.

CCW Executive Next Generation Report

In this age of customer centricity, we constantly hear talk about the need for a personalized, integrated, consistent, omni-channel and journey-driven customer experience. Are businesses walking the talk? Are they elevating engagement to meet this next-generation customer demand? Our Executive Report On Next-Generation Customer Engagement answers these questions. Citing exclusive CCIQ research, it explores the imperative for a “connected” engagement experience and assesses whether businesses are delivering. It also shares four innovative pathways to success – all of which are backed by real-world case studies.

CCW Executive Winter Report

Are you planning your 2017 contact center strategy? Are you curious about how customer experience management will evolve over the next few years? CCIQ has you covered! We’re pleased to introduce our new CCW Winter Executive Report: The Future of the Contact Center. Based on exclusive research and case studies, the report is your key to elevating the customer experience. You’ll learn:

  • Which “trends” are most important to the future of the contact center?
  • Which is more important: an effortless experience or a delightful one?
  • What are the top contact center objectives for the next year?
  • What challenges are most likely to inhibit success?
  • How will contact center budgets change in 2017?
  • Which solutions for customer relationships, voice of the customer, workforce empowerment, and omnichannel engagement are most urgent?

2017 CCW Digital Report: Customer Experience Game Changers

Customer demands are greatly changing (and increasing). Those who can successfully adapt to those demands – and elevate their customer experiences – will produce game-changing results for their businesses. Our complimentary guide, fittingly titled CCW Executive Report: Customer Experience Game Changers, will help you achieve those desirable results! Based on exclusive, in-depth market research, the report investigates how organizations are addressing – and should be addressing – some of the most imminent, transformative developments in the customer experience space.

CCW 2016 Post Show Report

Today's customers expect service on their own terms – whenever they need, in whatever digital channel they want. When these needs are unmet, there can be increasing customer churn, escalating operating costs and decreasing shareholder value. A common thread ran throughout conversations – customers don’t come first anymore, the agents do. Experts agree that if you’re looking to be the best service delivery company world, you have to achieve it with the right agents in the right place. This report gives you insight into those conversations with examples as to how top companies were able to achieve this.

Pushing the Envelope to Success: A Q&A with Heather Magaha, National Client Service Manager of Treasury Management Client Services, Wells Fargo Bank

In this Q&A Heather gives bite-sized insights into ways that Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Services has transformed customer service, employee engagement’s effect on customer loyalty, customer satisfaction from interactions, motivating employees, and her priorities for 2016-2017.

The Social Client Whitepaper: Chat Bots

The Social Client, headed by Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne, General Manager EMEA and the agency's Associate-Founder, is one of the primary actors within the Customer Experience industry to be already producing chatbots.